Sunday, March 9, 2008

Why A Person Should Not Join A Home business Program

This may sound a bit odd to you at first, it did to me untill I realy thought about it, but it makes perfect sense now!

A person should Not join a Home business Opportunity JUST with the intentions of making money!
The program should be something that can Benefit them Personally so that they would still use it even if there was NO Income Opportunity attached!

This is what adds the value to what your offering.

When you combine this concept with a real product that the majority of the people want, you have a "Home Run" every time!

Most of the programs offered up on the net these days are simply income opportunities based on you recruiting others. The "Products" that are offered are usually some old e-books or soft-ware that the average person looking to make money from home has no interest in or even any knowledge on how to use them. They are basically there to be able to say they have a product to keep things legal and not considered a pyramid scam.

Now in all fairness, some of these "Products" are good tools to build your business,however, most of us (myself included) when getting into a home business, we need to start making money right away and just do not have the time to go thru some long learning curve on "how to" apply these tools. This, and finding out that once you join one of these programs, you discover the things that they didn't tell you like now you have to learn how to and where to market and advertise! This in it's self can be a very time consuming and Costly task!
These issues are the contributing factors as to why there is a 97% Failure rate in the Home Business Market!

Understanding these issues is the true Brilliance at the core of the Cruise To Cash Home Business Model!
Cruise To Cash has "Real" in high demand Products..... Vacations!

For one Low price, you have Unlimited access to vacation vouchers that allow the average person or family to take exotic vacations and create lasting memories that would normally be out of financial reach for most families. Here you have true Value!
Travel industry facts are in. 92% of Americans took a vacation last year and Travel is a 8 Trillion Dollar a year industry and growing by 23% per year. This equals a very high demand.

The product and the business model that is designed from the "ground up" for the average person with little or no marketing and selling skills to achieve success quickly, are the major contributing factors as to why Cruise To Cash has been rated the #1 Home Business available today! This is not our rating but by the Merchant Banks that handle Home business company's. The true source as to how solid a Home Business is!

In place are complete automated marketing systems that drive traffic to your personal movie web site that does all selling, live opportunity-question and answer calls daily that do the explaining for you and Comming Soon!! A call center that will do the follow up and closing for you!! This is Huge!! Trully, an automated Marketing and Selling Machine !

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Cruise To Cash Home Business Success Secrets Revealed

Finally,a progrom that has all the Best Products and Commissions combined into One

*100% Commission Paid DIRECTLY to you!
*$10 or $20 Residual on EVERY person in your downline!
*No More Reused eBooks OR Useless Software!
*UNLIMITED Vacations!
*Not MLM, Lotions or Potions!
*FREE Corporate Marketing of Your Website!

The Secret to the Cruise To Cash home business opportunity is Hands down, this is simply the best, fastest and most affordable way to earn great money working from home, better than ANY other program on the market today!

The key ingredeant to the exploding Success of Cruise To Cash is the Amazingly Appealing Product in the 8 Trillion Dollars a year Travel Industry. Everyone loves to travel!

A person should Not Join a home business opportunity Just with the intentions of Making Money. The program should be something that can Benefit them Personally so they would use it even if there was No Imcome Opportunity Attached !

Cruise To Cash acomplishes this by being the First business of it's kind to offer Unlimited Vacations for One Price AND Unlimited Cash to You!
With the 98% Automated Marketing System, which consists of your own web site with state of the art flash movie & mini-site marketing system to promote the Cruise to Cash program and our unlimited vacations, eliminating the need to PICK Up the telephone to call leads.
No personal selling, No explaining and No answering questions on what Cruise to Cash is, what our products are or how much they cost, what our pay plan is and how much commission we earn or any other Frequently Asked Questions…our CTC Movie and Website does ALL of the above for you! (95% Of New Home Based Business Owners HATE To Sell or Give Presentations…We ELIMINATED this problem…

Free Advertising of Your Cruise to Cash Website:

That's right Folk's. The founder's of Cruise to Cash are so interested in YOUR SUCCESS that they are applying their KNOWLEDGE and EXPERTISE to help each and every member get FREE TRAFFIC, FREE LEADS and of Course the sales that are generated from this are YOUR'S! All members websites are placed in a Corporate Rotator and is advertised over the internet driving people just like yourself to YOUR website!

As a member of My Team, you will receive Complete Training on how to market yourself for FREE on sites like MySpace,YouTube and Google!

We are so confident in our program and the products that we will allow YOU to "Test Cruise" the entire system without paying a dime! That's right, YOU can become a FREE member in order to take a good hard look at this Amazing Business Opportunity.

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Keep Crusin!
John Wade

Friday, February 22, 2008

Fascinating report on generating traffic using Web2.0

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There are hundreds of links to the most important social marketing places on the web. Exclusive tips from Jack Humphrey on how to use each kind of social marketing site on the web to drive hungry visitors to your site....there's so much in this you are going to wonder what the catch is. There isn't any! Simply my Thank You gift from me to you!!!
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